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As Gök Yapı Mağazacılık, we offer services with a team of experts in the design, service and production of the exteriors of shopping centers. Shopping mall exteriors should be aesthetically appealing and durable, reflecting your brand image. For this reason, we strengthen the environmental appearance of your shopping center by providing quality solutions in exterior service and production.

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Skyland Ceiling Glass:

High Quality and Aesthetic Compliance

Skyland Ceiling Glass designs, which give the feeling of touching the sky, add originality and elegance in shopping centers. Ceiling glass systems produced with strong and durable materials provide clarity and spaciousness, while allowing sunlight to enter.

Stainless Steel Stair Handrail:

The Meeting Point of Elegance and Trust

Our stainless stair railing designs combine aesthetics and safety. Our stair railing systems, which are produced using advanced technology, perfectly complement your spaces by offering durability and elegance together.

Curtain Wall Glass:

Innovative Solutions in Modern Architecture

Our curtain wall glass systems are an indispensable part of modern architecture. Our transparent and elegant designs give your buildings a contemporary look and stand out in terms of energy efficiency and durability. Our curtain wall glass systems, which combine aesthetics and functionality in every detail, increase comfort while opening your spaces to the outside world.
Skyland Ceiling Glass adds value to your spaces with its stainless stair railing and curtain wall glass facade. Combining modern design and high quality, our products offer solutions suitable for your architectural vision